The Formation of Disk Galaxies

Ascona (Monte Verità) Switzerland
June 27- July 1, 2005



Structural properties of disk galaxies - general

8:50-9:00 Short introduction by the organisers
9:00-9:35 Freeman - The distribution of light in galactic disks
9:35-10:10 Courteau - Structural Properties of Spiral Galaxies
10:10-10:25 Dutton - The Origin of Disk Galaxy Scaling Relations
10:25-11:00 *Coffee break*
11:00-11:25 Portinari - The Milky Way and the Tully-Fisher relation
11:25-11:50 Allen - Structural Properties of Disk Galaxies in the Local Universe
11:50-12:15 Kannappan - Early Types on the Blue Sequence
12:15-13:45 *Lunch*

Structural properties of disk galaxies - dark halos, bulges

13:45-14:20 Gerhard - The Milky Way and its Bulge
14:20-14:45 Moorthy - Bulges of spiral galaxies: stellar populations, structure and kinematics
14:45-15:10 Widrow - MACHOs in M31? Absence of evidence but not evidence of absence
15:10-15:45 McGaugh - Luminous and dark mass in spiral galaxies
15:45-16:20 *Coffee break*
16:20-16:45 Arnaboldi - Stellar kinematics for the Polar Ring Galaxy NGC 4650A
16:45-17:10 Simon - Is There a Universal Dark Matter Density Profile?
17:10-17:35 Gentile - Dark matter in spirals and new results from dwarfs
17:35-17:50 Calchi-Novati - POINT-AGAPE Pixel Lensing Survey of M31 :Evidence for a MACHO
contribution to Galactic Halos
17:50-18:30 Discussion and short/one slide comments/presentations
18:30 End
19:30 *Dinner*


Disk instabilities & secular evolution

9:00-9:35 Debattista - How Secular Evolution Shapes Disks
9:35-10:10 Carollo - Observational evidence of secular evolution
10:10-10:35 Dubinski - Tumbling triaxial dark halos with substructure: Implications for disk evolution
10:35-11:10 *Coffee break*
11:10-11:35 Noguchi - Galactic bars along the Hubble sequence
11:35-12:00 Englmaier - Formation of gaseous secondary bars in self-gravitating disks
12:00-13:45 *Lunch*

Structural properties of galaxies - detailed disk structure

13:45-14:20 Ferguson - Resolving the Stellar Populations in the Outskirts of Galaxies: What Can We Learn?
14:20-14:45 Christlein - Extent and Kinematics of the Extreme Outer Disks of Spiral Galaxies
14:45-15:10 Yoachim - Stellar Thick Disks: Constraining Galaxy Formation

Star formation/cold ISM

15:10-15:45 Blitz - Star Formation in Disk Galaxies
15:45-16:20 *Coffee break
16:20-16:55 Burkert TBA
16:55-18:00 Discussion and short/one slide comments/presentations
18:00 End
19:30 *Dinner*


Star formation continued - star clusters/globular clusters

9:00-9:35 Klessen - Gravoturbulent Star Formation
9:35-10:10 Brodie - Globular Clusters and the Formation of Disk Galaxies
10:10-10:35 Larsen - Formation of Massive Star Clusters in Spiral Disks
10:35-11:10 *Coffee break*

Warm/Hot ISM/IGM

11:10-11:45 Bland-Hawthorn - TBA
11:45-12:20 Sembach - The Warm-Hot Intergalactic Medium: Current Observations and Future Prospects
12:20-12:45 Fraternali - Extraplanar gas in disk galaxies
12:45 -14:15 *Lunch*
15:15-late Excursion

19:00 - *Dinner* in Ascona at "Cantina dell'Orso" with wine tasting


Evolution of disk galaxies, high-z galaxies

9:00-9:35 Bell - 10 billion years of disk galaxy evolution
9:35-10:10 Vogt - The Growth of Disk Galaxies: Disentangling Evolution and Selection Biases
10:10-10:35 Ravindranath - Luminosity-size Evolution of disks out to redshifts z<1.2 from GOODS
10:35-11:10 *Coffee break*
11:10-11:35 Conselice - The Evolution of the Stellar Mass Tully-Fisher Relationship: Constraints on the
Relationship Between the Stellar and Halo Masses of Disk Galaxies since z ~ 1
11:35-12:00 Homeier - Disk Galaxies at z~1 in High Density Environments
12:15-13:45 *Lunch*
13:45-14:10 Boehm - Down-sizing in Disk Galaxy Evolution at Redshifts 0.1<z<1.0
14:10-14:35 Nakamura - The Tully-Fisher Relation of field and cluster galaxies
at intermediate redshift

Cosmological simulations - disk formation

14:35-15:10 Steinmetz - The properties of galactic disks in a LCDM universe
15:10-15:35 Governato - Understanding Galaxy Formation over a range of
masses and cosmic ages
15:35-16:10 *Coffee break*
16:10-16:35 Okamoto - The effect of feedback on the morphology of galaxy discs

Cosmological simulations - substructure

16:35-17:00 Zentner - The Anisotropic Distribution of CDM Satellites
17:00-17:15 Maccio' - Radial distribution and strong lensing statistics of galaxy substructures
17:15-18:00 Discussion and short/one slide comments/presentations
18:00 End
19:30 *Dinner*


Physics of disk formation - accretion modes, angular momentum

9:00-9:35 Dekel - Disk Galaxies by Cold Flows
9:35-9:50 Kaufmann - Clumpy growth of galactic disks
9:50-10:15 D'Onghia - The Origin of Galactic Disks
10:15-10:40 Gonzales-Casado - The growth of dark halos and its implications
for disk galaxy formation
10:40-11:15 *Coffee break*
11:15-11:40 Sharma - The spin of baryonic structures in LCDM simulations

Mergers and co-evolution of galaxies and supermassive black holes

11:40-12:05 Barton - Galaxy Pair Counts, the Merger Rate, and the Structure of Disk Galaxies
12:05-12:30 Robertson - The Evolution of the M-sigma Relation
12:30-12:45 Koushiappas - Why bulge-less disk galaxies do not contain supermassive black holes.
12:45 End of conference
12:45-14:15 *Lunch*


Organisers: Lucio Mayer (University of Zürich)
Frank van den Bosch (ETH, Zürich)
Ben Moore (University of Zürich)
Location:  The Monte Verita Center in Ascona, Lake Maggiore (Canton Ticino), Switzerland
1. Monte Verita Centre in Ascona
2. Monte Verita Centre in Ascona
How to get there:  Travel
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